Our vision

The underlying concept on which we want to concentrate Kytona Media on are templates.  Utilising the power of templates saves time and money and we want to be able to pass these savings onto our members. We also want to be able to offer a way for our members to earn money if they want […]

The Affiliate program

There will be 3 memberships available which will benefit from 2 levels of earning potential. Our members will be able to register and start earning for free with the Bronze membership.  The first level (direct referrals) will provide 8% commissions on whatever your referrals spend as a member. The other 2 membership levels will be […]

Expected go live date

<style>.km_blog{color:white}</style>I am still working full time until 8pm to continue building funds for Kytona.  We don’t want to start the company with debt as we want to establish a secure platform from which our affiliates can earn risk free. We are hoping to launch mid October 2017