Learning to customise WordPress

The site is nearly ready – yay. However, testing has produced some challenging requirements. As I’ve created the site in the WordPress environment with many different plugins to provide the functionality it has now become evident that a bit more learning is needed to fully finish the website. But due to indirect experiences with other […]

WordPress plugins causing a nightmare

OK – so very close to getting the site fully functional.  However, a couple of plugins are causing a conflict which is probably going to result in a slight change of plan. On the plus side, the Affiliate program is more than likely going to be FREE to join – I prefer this option so […]

Still getting there

We’ve ran across a few minor issues such as allowing people to let us know what text changes are required and being able to offer the affiliate program free if already a member. It’s hard to fathom how much functionality is actually going into this website – all bits and pieces and behind the scenes […]

Affiliate functionality

Been busy adding the affiliate stuff onto the site.  This is showing promise and should be ready to go live this month at the same time as the rest of the site.  Testing will commence tomorrow with a test account. The Affiliate Program We’re keeping this simple and as fair as possible – why do […]


Just to let everyone know, I’m still working on getting the site to go live as soon as possible.  Still looking OK for October.  Currently getting to grips with the membership / affiliate logic for the site – I know what I want but getting that into the website in the limited time available is […]