Been busy adding the affiliate stuff onto the site.  This is showing promise and should be ready to go live this month at the same time as the rest of the site.  Testing will commence tomorrow with a test account.

The Affiliate Program

We’re keeping this simple and as fair as possible – why do you have to invest anything to start earning money???This is the theme of this affiliate program so there will be just one program available and it’s going to be free (at least for the first 6 months and then we’ll see how it’s going).

The program is not MLM as it will have a 2 level structure.  The first level will pay 18% and the second level will pay 7%.

Example – so lets say Joe joins as an affiliate. Joe will have a link that he can share around social media and his colleagues, friends, family etc. Sue joins using Joe’s link.  Sue gets her link and does the same as Joe. Mike and Fred joins up using Sue’s link.

So, Joe has got 2 levels. Sue is on his first level and Mike and Fred are on his second.  Kytona Media will pay Joe 18% of what Sue spends and 8% of what Mike and Fred spends, likewise we’ll pay Sue 18% of what Mike and Fred spends.  These payments will continue every time any team member spends anything.


Things may change slightly because the logic isn’t fully resolved.  I want to be able to keep things simple but we have the concept of a membership site that also offers an affiliate program.

Site Membership

So there’s 2 elements; Membership and affiliate program. Members can be an affiliate or a member or both so the logical way of going about this is to have a free membership and a £15 per month membership.

The subscribing members will qualify for discounts for the video downloads with the added incentive of further discounts and / or further commissions for the membership and affiliate programs respectively (depending on how the logic works out).

So the site will still have some changes as we get closer to going live and what makes the most sense.

Please bare with us.