We’ve ran across a few minor issues such as allowing people to let us know what text changes are required and being able to offer the affiliate program free if already a member.

It’s hard to fathom how much functionality is actually going into this website – all bits and pieces and behind the scenes but it all adds to the lead time.

We’re building the site with WordPress which requires various plugins to work together so its merely a matter of getting them to co-operate with each other and getting hold of the correct ones.

We’ve found a few bugs in the plugins which have been reported back to the vendors and so in the meantime we’re finding work arounds – some of which I quite like so will probably keep them as is when they’re finished.

We’ve got an affiliate calculator now – I’ve tested it to a certain degree and it seems to work OK – my head’s cabbaged now though trying to work it all out.  Send me an email requesting it so you can check it out at andy@kytonamedia.com

Hopefully we’re still on schedule to launch this month – it might be the end of the month but October nonetheless – at least that’s the intention 🙂

Looking forward to working with you all.