OK – so very close to getting the site fully functional.  However, a couple of plugins are causing a conflict which is probably going to result in a slight change of plan.

On the plus side, the Affiliate program is more than likely going to be FREE to join – I prefer this option so people can earn money without having to invest anything making it completely risk free.

However, the All Access Pass idea is probably not going to be practical as this is one of the areas of conflict.  We were going to use the All Access Pass to emulate the membership if you like, but we’re going to have to make use of another membership plugin that offers a much neater solution for a membership but it is going down the lines of discounts rather than free.

Still want to explore the idea (in conjunction with the membership solution) of 100% discount on the video with £1 per customisation (text block) but not sure if the Free video template will conflict with the desired £1 per customisation.

So that’s were we’re upto at the moment – still looks good for end of October (fingers crossed).