The site is nearly ready – yay.

However, testing has produced some challenging requirements.

As I’ve created the site in the WordPress environment with many different plugins to provide the functionality it has now become evident that a bit more learning is needed to fully finish the website.

But due to indirect experiences with other ventures that I have embarked upon in the recent past, I am very hesitant to commission a software house to provide the required functionality – particularly as I am keen to provide a stable earning environment for Kytona’s Affiliates; I don’t want to risk jeopardising this by handing control over to an unknown element.

My background is software programming, albeit many years ago, but not in php so I’ll need to extend the go live date to November so I can get to grips with php and the WordPress environment.

I feel that this is the best option rather than launching the site prematurely. We’ll have plenty of teething challenges anyway so lets try to keep this to a minimum in the first place.