So far anyone registering as an affiliate to Kytona Media will be paid via Paypal, bank transfer or Payza.  I’m looking into using Bitpay to facilitate using Bitcoin but not sure yet if we can use it to pay you guys with it. In any case, it will be a while before I start using bitcoin as a method of paying for videos or for paying our affiliates but its the way to go, I’m sure.

The program hasn’t changed though. It’s still free to join as an affiliate and you’ll get paid twice monthly (but please don’t hold me to a date at the moment – really busy with stuff but it will be close to twice a month). You’ll be paid 18% on your first level affiliates and 7% on the second level.  All spends will be included (subscriptions, videos, amendments and subsequent amendments ).

I’ll put a link to the calculator when I’ve tidied it up a bit.