To celebrate going live we’re setting the membership to £5. This will be a promotional price until the end of February 2018.

Videos for guest members (remember a guest membership is free) will be £3 plus amendments.

Amendments will be £1 per change.  A text change is a block of text that appears in the video at the same time.  Each image upload is £1.  This is to cover the time it takes to make the changes and then upload back to your profile area.

All changes are done manually to ensure that the video still looks right.

If a video that you choose consists of lets say 4 text blocks but you only want one simply select 1 text block to change and we’ll re-position the text in a suitable position (in the near future we’ll add timeline positions to the form to allow you to add your own timings ).  Likewise if the video only has 1 text block, for instance, but you want 4 then simply choose 4 text blocks and we’ll add your 4 text blocks and space them out equally.