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Use the form below to add your text amendments to a recently bought video. Please note that this is only available for a video that didn’t have any amendment details attached to it when originally bought or only have minor changes.

For each change you can choose the original text block position, the new text and its new colour.

As an example, you may want the first text block of your original video to be the same but want to change the second block of text.

Therefore you would:

  1. Choose “1 text block change” in the “Video Amendment drop down”
  2. Enter “2” in the “Which text does this first change relate to” (this has now identified your first text change is to the second text block)
  3. Then enter your new text that you want to appear in your video instead of the text you have now (enter the whole text, not just the new words – we will copy and paste)
  4. Choose the new colour or leave it blank to let us know that you don’t want to change the text colour.

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