Firstly, to start using the site, simply become a Guest member (or a Pro member) 

Choose a video and request your changes. You can add images and text to your videos on the form that accompanies each video. We’ll add your changes and upload back to your account for you to download.

Become a member and get unlimited downloads, free reviews, free video downloads (to change yourself if you wish) and prioirty over Guest members for your amendments. More to come later for Members.

You an also request changes after you’ve received your updated video by using the Video Amendments form

Use your video everywhere – Facebook, Youtube, your own website, Anywhere you like, you can even sell them to your customers.

Using the forms with the videos you can customise your videos for logo reveals, Promotions for
your company, products, events, recruitment etc.

Its not just for business though; using the forms when you’ve chosen your video you can customise your videos for family and friends for party invitations, announcements (engagements etc), birthday wishes etc.